NanoTube Automated Repository Server (NARS)

We have developed a powerful, self-contained fully-automated repository robot called the NanoTube Automated Repository Server (NARS) that has dynamic storage capacity of 10-million samples. Completely enclosed in a -20°C, dehumidified environment with a cherry-picking throughput of up to 10,000 samples per day, the NARS stores replicate 'single-shot' aliquots of small, individually-addressable storage containers holding sealed chemical or biological samples. The NARS provides unparalleled, ultra-rapid access to the largest chemical libraries, without any freeze-thawing, thereby preserving the integrity of the entire collection indefinitely. There is simply no better, more cost-effective approach for compound management to support successful leads discovery. NARS services offer:

  • outsourced management of compound collections for very reasonable service fees
  • proper storage and high-throughput retrieval of large chemical and biological collections by protecting them from damaging freeze-thaw cycles
  • biorepository applications for siRNA, genomic DNA extracts or sensitive natural products collections
  • compound formatting for assay-ready plates to determine structure-activity relationships with reference standards automatically arrayed like the best GLP/GMP test facilities

We also seek technology development partners in the life-sciences vendor segments as exclusive or semi-exclusive licensees of NARS and other LCGC technologies. Contact us ( for details how LCGC can help your organization better serve clients in academia and industry.