Industry Partnering

LCGC manages proprietary chemical collections in a new way
to explore target biology-space with minimal investment and low risk

Execution of a single collaborative agreement provides access to chemical-biology research networks at universities worldwide.

The DBD2 model is a paradigm-shifting opportunity for pharmas providing a true missing link to transform pharmaceutical R&D. The approach is designed to for therapeutic area (TA) teams to de-risk highly innovative targets that are under active investigation by the best scientific talent in the hugely parallel, chemical-biology ecosystem in academia worldwide. The rationale is that strategic exposure of a representative snapshot-collection of the Company's under-utilized chemical assets is a solution to the challenge of advancing pharmaceutical innovation to deliver unmet patient need during a period of extraordinary organizational transitions and cost-cutting in pharma R&D.


  • Measurably increase productive collaborations in target biology, leads discovery and candidate characterization for deeper insight on mechanisms of action
  • Unveil latent medicinal candidates for novel targets and signaling pathways that are not under active investigation by TAs
  • Repurpose terminated candidates known to be bio-available and safe

The DBD2 Term Sheet is available for review on request. To learn more about partnering with LCGC please contact