University Partnering

LCGC is an authorized provider of pharmaceutical company libraries,
made available to university researchers

LCGC supports collaborations while protecting all intellectual property.

High throughput screening (HTS) is an important translational research tool for scientists in academia. A common pitfall is that tractable drug leads are unlikely to arise from HTS on commercial compound libraries used by universities. Those common libraries are not richly annotated with decades of validated biodata, nor do they include thousands of novel, repurposable chemical scaffolds from terminated drug development programs owned only by pharmas.

Achieve high-impact recognition for the medicinal utility of your translational research. Assay-ready plates pre-arrayed with pharmas best compound libraries are delivered to your lab or the HTS core for ultra-efficient new leads discovery. DBD2 for universities immediately connects your target translation research with productive drug development resources to advance medicinal discovery.

  • Only a simple reagent-adder and reader are required for most HTS assays
  • Special library formatting increases HTS efficiency by 500%
  • Emphasis fields include: CNS and Neurodegeneration, Metabolic Disease, Cardiovascular, Renal, Cancer, Immune and Viral/Infectious Diseases
  • IP secure. Transparent. Maintains publication rights. Zero cost.

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