LCGC is proactively seeking partnerships with pharmaceutical companies,
research foundations, and academic centers of excellence

We connect academia's discovery research talent with pharma's development capability

A top-tier pharmaceutical company and thirteen academic institutions have joined the Double-Blinded Drug Discovery® Consortium within one year of its inception.

's (LCGC) business model forges a protected open-innovation framework called Double-Blinded Drug Discovery (DBD2)®, establishing a totally new public-private partnering consortium. Our patented NanoTube Automated Repository System (NARS) supports operations by storing and rapidly retrieving up to 10 million samples using a robot working in a room-size freezer on our campus. We provide pharma's vast medicinal libraries formatted in a way that speeds new leads discovery by 500%. As an agent for this new public-private partnering approach, LCGC is:

  • Continually adding compound libraries to our current (250K) collection, unavailable elsewhere
  • Providing services at low or no cost in exchange for milestone-gated downstream compensation
  • Measurably accelerating translation research to validate novel targets as druggable
  • Enhancing HTS efficiency by 5-fold to conserve costs and speed the detection of the best leads
  • Specialized research program for detecting serendipitous drug synergy
  • Kick-starting 'instant collaboration' between leading scientists in academia and industry
  • Elevating success rates in pharmaceutical R&D with robustly validated methodologies

Our DBD2 mission is to serve as a transformative 'agent' for expanding pharma's external innovation network by bringing truly enabling resources to Principal investigators - working in a highly parallel, university ecosystem of chemical biology research worldwide - who aim to illuminate cell signaling interactions that govern disease. This is essential to find new cures that pharma can develop and commercialize with greater success more cost-effectively.

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