Pharma Services

Enter a totally new public-private partnering paradigm

Among the pharmaceutical industry's most important resources are the chemically diverse compound libraries. But the vast majority of them are not utilized to their greatest potential, causing poor monetization of the company's valuable assets. Double-Blinded Drug Discovery® helps TA teams extract greater value from these assets quickly and cost effectively. The TA Head approves the distribution of 'library snapshots' to academic scientists for target validation by HTS. LCGC's proprietary technologies permit chemical collections to become safely distributed and screened in a compressed, veiled format that preserves structural integrity and privacy.

LCGC also provides ultra-low-cost storage and distribution of chemical collections to internal research teams at worldwide sites and subsidiaries, or to the company's network of CROs. Our innovative research-materials management systems and compound formatting services are unavailable elsewhere. LCGC offers extremely cost-effective and IP-secure services that will deliver: 1) higher quality of data; 2) accelerated program progression; 3) R&D cost reduction; 4) secure and disaster-proof backup with redundancy for internal compound management operations to increase speed of delivery to TAs.

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