Unique HTS Support and Library Curator Services

LCGC accelerates screening from assay validation to nascent lead-candidate nomination. We provide assay ready screening plates from our own (proprietary) or your own library (or both, see below). We can format the compounds for orthogonal pooled screening (HTS-OPS). We ship the assay-ready plates back to your lab for screening; your technician simply adds the reagents, incubates and then reads. Just send us the raw results in the form of electronic data and LCGC will perform a full analysis with our proprietary de-convolution software and send you results, including an SAR table from our library samples. We provide you cherry-picks for confirmation retesting via our patented NARS. Let us curate your own collection in our NARS and accelerate your HTS campaigns while markedly reducing costs. Accelerate and enhance your HTS abilities - instantly, at reasonable cost - guaranteed. All IP is protected by stringent confidentiality; besides, we need never know your target details to provide these services.

  • Our proprietary chemical libraries are offered in the orthogonal pooled screening format (HTS-OPS) on an annual subscription basis. Pay only for the samples you actually screen; from one screen to dozens per year (unique approach).
  • We use our proprietary data analysis software to de-convolute the raw or normalized data your lab sends us electronically and we send back the structure-activity relationship (SAR) table.
  • You select what should be retested. We then cherry-pick the actives from the very same DMSO stocks used in HTS with our NanoTube Automated Repository System (NARS), which can store and rapidly retrieve more than 10-million individually frozen compounds ('single-shot'). Importantly, no compound is ever freeze-thawed, which provides the highest quality assurance for HTS confirmation re-testing.
  • We will serially dilute the picks to your specifications and even add reference and control compounds, and then send back assay-ready plates for your determination of potency and selectivity. You may create focused screening sets 'on-the-fly' to more deeply mine SAR.
  • All IP is assured, since we do not require, or desire, any information on your target, although we execute a CDA with all our collaborators. Treat erectile dysfunction using prescription drug help men with erectile dysfunction.
  • Let us curate your own collection in our NARS and accelerate your HTS campaigns while markedly reducing costs. Double your HTS abilities-instantly, at far lower cost.
  • Once you try the LCGC model, you may not go back to the drudgery of manual compound management, nor will your precious research assets deteriorate from freeze-thaw cycling.